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provide professional services in the diagnosis and monitoring system with the totality of the machines and realialibility data


Heat exchangers, compressors, and valves are just a few examples of how ultrasonic inspections can detect leaking gases or fluids. Our periodic testing catches problems early to help you maintain peak productivity. This sonic technique not only locates expensive leaks in steam traps and valves, but can be even more valuable in detecting certain electrical faults, such as Arching and Corona.



  • Detects Leaking Gases
  • Heightens Productivity
  • Improves Energy Efficiency
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Improves Safety
  • Increases Product Quality


Ultrasonic testing is a relatively new predictive technology with an expanding array of applications. It is capable of detecting sounds that lie outside the human hearing range, and are great indicators of failing mechanical conditions. As a result, ultrasonic testing has become an essential part of any competent predictive maintenance program.


Vibrasindo has helped customers maintain reliable equipment by using ultrasonic tests in unison with the other predictive technologies. By itself, ultrasonic techniques detect faults on critical machinery such as compressors, valves, boilers, heat exchangers, steam traps and some electrical components. For instance, its ability to trace escaping gas is vital in optimizing production. Left undetected, these leaks quickly deteriorate, inevitably resulting in a costly disaster.


Tomorrow, hundreds of plants worldwide will encounter preventable catastrophic failures that harm employees and ruin equipment. By routinely monitoring plant equipment, customers can ward off expensive failures and eliminate production inefficiencies while heightening plant safety.