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provide professional services in the diagnosis and monitoring system with the totality of the machines and realialibility data

Predictive Maintenance

Customized online or periodic monitoring programs accurately predict mechanical problems on rotating machines. Vibrasindo uses the latest technology, computer analysis, and trending to identify specific faults before a breakdown, enabling the convenience of scheduled repairs. The program’s efficiencies streamline customer maintenance, offering up to a 12 to 1 return on investment



  • Up to a 12 to 1 return on investment

  • Diminishes large scale repairs/costly damage
  • Increases operational uptime/revenue
  • Reduces operational and labor costs
  • Accurately identifies equipment problems
  • Economical scheduling of maintenance
  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Customized database
  • Convenient collection routes





Vibrasindo, the leader in predictive maintenance since 1918, can design a program that will help you maximize production and profits by significantly reducing machinery downtime and operational costs. All machinery produces vibration, whether it be benign or harmful. It is therefore necessary to distinguish between the two forms, and when entrusted in the hands of our experienced analysts, the distinction is clear and concise. Furthermore, when used in conjunction with oil analysis, infrared thermograph and ultrasonic testing, periodic monitoring programs identify existing problems and accurately forecast future ones. Our comprehensive reports include detailed analysis with simple recommendations for correcting problems before failure occurs.

When initiating a predictive maintenance program, immediate results reveal to the customer numerous equipment faults. Diagnostic output files, available to user defined paths such as CMMS programs, allow customers the opportunity to take prompt action regarding the initial flood of maintenance problems. As problems are resolved, the number of major faults wane, turning a customer’s maintenance program from reactive to proactive. Equipment problems are prioritized and conveniently resolved around production and employee scheduling. Meanwhile, managers who use just-in-time inventory can order parts only for the immediate job. Over time, proactive maintenance creates reliable machinery requiring fewer personnel to maintain it.


Seize the opportunity and receive Vibrasindo’s complimentary facility appraisal. Let us demonstrate our predictive technology, survey your equipment, and provide a quotation for a Predictive Maintenance Program.

Utilize the expertise of VSC professionals without incurring the expense associated with travel and on-site time. Acquiring data can be accomplished by simply using in-house personnel with negligible training. Data can then be transmitted to our professionals for expert analysis.

It's simple. It's cost effective. It increases management confidence, plant reliability, and profitability.



Vibrasindo's engineering department is comprised of Noise and Vibration Control. There is no need to live with annoying noise and vibration hazards in your workplace. Our engineers develop solutions to make your work environment more pleasant. Our staff can present off-the-shelf answers or develop hardware and software that accurately meet your needs. Vibrasindo is the first company to implement an active control device for resolving resonant floor vibration in buildings. We continue to seek the latest techniques and technologies to resolve all of your noise and vibration issues.





Engineering - Vibration Control

Vibration Control

It is not often we are called upon to put vibrations in; the problems mostly consist of taking them out.

The following persons are most vitally interested:

(a) The designer and the builder of the machine structure, which may be easily discredited by a bad vibration, even if perfect in every other particular.

b) the buyer of the machinery, or the owner of a hotel or factory, or any like building, where a bad vibration may mean general annoyance, defective product, undue wear and tear or even actual danger.



A badly vibrating turbine may often cause an explosion of the steam main feeling it. In some rotor explosions, the cause was merely vibration, "running a little rough," as a practical man may sometimes put it.

In a gas engine, a bad vibration may mean excessive wear of the bearings, needless strain on the engine and connections, loss of power or lack of "pick-up." Most of these conditions are absolutely unnecessary.


Engineering - Noise Control

Noise Control

Noise is often created by machinery. Vibrasindo can attenuate and/or dampen these annoying disturbances using many techniques. Vibrasindo can also analyze your plant for OSHA compliance or perform studies to bring your locations into compliance.


  • Improves Work Conditions
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Identifies Mechanical/Electrical Problems
  • Reduces Maintenance Costs


Ever since the Walsh–Healey Act and the Occupational Safety and Health Act, noise abatement has become a prime concern in every workplace. Most states have incorporated industrial noise standards in their workers' compensation packages. However, companies cannot take positive action to effectively control noise until its source is accurately determined.

Vibrasindo provides acoustic noise measurement services to determine OSHA compliance and/or locate the source of acoustic disturbances. Octave band, 1/3 octave band charts or spectral displays of discrete frequency components are typical data formats. Test reports include copies of all data which are accompanied by a written report featuring detailed analysis and recommendations. Typical solutions to noise problems range from installing sound abatement systems to dynamic vibration absorber systems.

Within any facility, noise comes from several sources of complex sounds that require precise analytical measurement. It is vital to obtain a dependable and complete sound analysis before implementing a noise control program. Vibrasindo noise experts use state-of-the-art technology to, not only identify all OSHA noncompliance noise, but to provide solutions. Our sound analysis is conducted on a routine basis as a matter of preventive maintenance. In many instances it is performed as a part of Vibrasindo’s predictive maintenance program, which detects mechanical and electrical trouble before costly destruction. Once complete, Vibrasindo provides the customers with a Noise Control Certification that confirms their compliance with OSHA noise regulations. Relieve yourself of the OSHA compliance headache by having Vibrasindo professionals handle it for you.