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Partial Discharge

If a Partial Discharge (PD) occurs in the phase to earth insulation of a conductor in a high voltage system such as metal clad switchgear, PD of very short duration (in a few nanoseconds) current pulses will flow along the metal cladding or on the skin of the conductor. This current will then generate both electric and magnetic field and emits electromagnetic radiation known as Electromagnetic wave (EM wave).

This EM wave will then propagate outwards through an opening (Discontinuity) in the metal cladding. When the EM sensor is placed in an electric field due to EM wave, current will be induced resulting in a voltage signal between EM sensor terminals. This voltage signal is very fast rising and typically in millivolts. This signal is termed Partial Discharge (PD).


The Right Approach to PD Test - Partial Discharge Analyzer

Cable Fault Detection

Cable Fault Detection

Underground Cable Fault Detection 

HV Motor Cable Box Inspection

Transformer PD Damage

Transformer PD Damage



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