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provide professional services in the diagnosis and monitoring system with the totality of the machines and realialibility data

Condition Monitoring

Condition Monitoring incorporates vibration measurements to assess machinery health. Vibration spectra are acquired at two (or more) frequency ranges in three mutually perpendicular axes from each test point (typically a bearing). These six spectra represent the minimum requirement to properly assess machine vibration.


Other measurements, such as shaft vibration or other data display modes may also be applicable. These data reveal conditions such as bearing defects, imbalance, shaft misalignment, gear wear, possible motor rotor damage, drive belt wear, coupling defects/inaccuracies, etc.



When the test is repeated on some periodic basis (e.g., quarterly, monthly), trending for percent change becomes the indicator which triggers concern. These concerns are used to produce recommendations for corrective action which is performed to minimize the risk of further damage.


Vibrasindo offers a variety of implementation options to minimize the burden on your plant while optimizing the effectiveness of the program.