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No Computer Serial (COM) Port



My new Computer does not have a Serial (COM) port. How do I communicate with my instrument.


Use an external USB-to-serial adaptor to add a serial (COM) port to your computer.

Commtest Instruments have succesfully tested adaptors manfacured by BAFO and Belkin with our software and instruments.  Both use the "Prolific PL-2303" chipset.  Other adaptors reported to use this chipset include products from Elecom, ATEN and I-O Data.

An example USB to Serial adaptor (BAFO)


These adaptors connect to any USB port and are present a DB9 (9 pin) RS-232 serial interface that connects directly with the instrument's download cable (no other adaptors required).

Connect the adaptor,  when prompted browse the installation wizard to the CD supplied with the adaptor. If using Windows Vista it is important to install the Vista specific drivers.


There are many USB-serial adaptors on the market,  all should work provided the correct drivers are installed for your operating system.  Feel free to use any adaptor that you wish with our instruments however only the BAFO and Belkin have been tested by Commtest.