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Use Ping Test to Troubleshoot vbOnline Network Connection



I've connected a vbOnline device to our network but the Ascent program cannot detect it.


Try running a ping test. The ping test will try to establish a direct network connection to the vbOnline device, rather than connecting through the Ascent program. If the vbOnline device can be reached using this method this will eliminate your network as the cause of the error.

  • On your PC open the Windows Start menu and select Run. This will open a command window.
  • Type the word 'ping' followed by a space and the IP address of your vbOnline device

e.g. ping (make sure you leave a space after the word ping and type all the dots).

  • Now press ENTER.

If the Ping was Successful

If the ping is successful the vbOnline device will 'reply' to your PC, proving that it can be reached directly over the network. The window will look similar to the one below.

Use the instructions below to try connecting to the device again using the vbOnline Setup Wizard; you may have typed in the wrong IP address when you tried to connect previously.

  • Type the IP address in again, or if the device is on your local subnet use the Find button to auto-detect the device instead.
  • Ensure that firewall/router access for port 10001 has been enabled. The vbOnline device will not be able to communicate across the Ethernet unless this has been done. Contact your network administrator and ask them to set this up for you.
  • If you are running Windows XP be aware that this operating system implements its own firewall so you may need to enable firewall access here also (contact your network or systems administrator if you require assistance with this).

If the Ping was Unsuccessful

If the ping is unsuccessful there will be no 'reply' and instead you may see a 'Destination host unreachable' message or 'Request timed out'. This suggests that the network connection is not working.

Work through the steps below to try and resolve the issue.

  1. First make sure that you typed the IP address correctly when 'pinging' the vbOnline device.
  2. Verify that the IP address you have been given for this vbOnline device is correct.
  3. Check the physical connections between all devices: look for loose cables and cables connected to the wrong Ethernet port etc.