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How Strong is the Accelerometer Magnetic Mount?


At what level of vibration does the accelerometer magnetic mount begin to lose its good coupling with the vibrating surface?


The true rated pulling strength of the magnets supplied with the vbSeries® instruments is 50 pounds (22.68 kg) weight under the force of gravity (1 g) required to pull it directly off an 'infinite thickness' piece of iron.The overall rms acceleration vibration would need to be above 10 g or 100 m/s2 rms before there is a theoretical risk of the mounting becoming unstable.


  • Epoxying a flat disk to the machine can assist with mounting stability.
  • If you are trying to measure a point that is vibrating at 10 g use a thread-mount instead of the magnetic mount.
  • Dirt, uneven surfaces or paint can degrade the magnet pull strength considerably.

When the accelerometer is mounted horizontally we recommend that the magnetic mount is attached with its magnetic bars horizontal to the floor. This orientation best counters the leverage effect of the hanging cable.