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Universal Sensors for MMS6000 Profiler Instrument



Tell me about these new 'Universal' type of sensors for the Profiler instrument.How do I know: If I've got one or not? If my Profiler instrument is compatible? If I need to do anything when I change sensors?


All Profiler sensors are now made as 'universal' sensors, which means that they can be plugged directly into any compatible Profiler instrument without needing to be sent back to Commtest for calibration.

This is possible because the sensor heads are now calibrated during manufacture to output standard signal levels. Similarly the Profiler input circuitry is now also calibrated separately instead of being matched to just one sensor. The result is that any universal sensor will function correctly and accurately with any universal Profiler instrument (for both profile height and wheel movement).

To find out if your sensor is universal check the serial number stamped onto it. Numbers from 1000 onwards are universal.

To find out if your Profiler instrument is universal, hold down the [0] key while powering up - various serial numbers are displayed. If the MMS S/N is 60430 or later, your Profiler instrument was universal when first made. However, many older Profiler instruments are also being converted to universal during repairs. If the Module S/N is 10 000 or later then the module and Profiler instrument have been converted.

Note: The Profiler instrument and sensor must match i.e. either both universal or both not.

If your sensor requires repaired/replacement you need to:

  • First establish if your Profiler instrument is universal or not, as above.
  • If it is not universal both the Profiler instrument and sensor must be sent back to Commtest. During this visit the Profiler instrument and sensor will be converted to universal.
  • If your instrument is universal only the sensor needs to be sent back, or a new one ordered (the Profiler instrument does not need to be sent back). When the new sensor arrives simply plug it in and start profiling.