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TCP/IP Network Ports


What ports do I need to enable in my firewall/router so that I can connect:


Ascent to vb Instrument via USB Plug N Play (default for firmware 3.2.x and later)
No Ports

Ascent to vb Instrument via Ethernet over USB (Up to Firmware 3.1.x)
13000..13200   In   vbX Incoming Data (Finds first available port)
11001              Out  vbX Broadcasting port
9999                Out  vbX Communications port

Ascent to vb Instrument via Ethernet
13000..13200   In    vbX Incoming Data (Finds first available port)
11001              Out   vbX Broadcasting port
9999                Out   vbX Communications port

Ascent to Network database
3050               Out    Communicates with Firebird Database engine

Ascent to a vbOnline device
10001             Out    Default vbOnline Communications port **
30718             Out    vbOnline Broadcast port

Ascent to Bachmann Controller
10001            Out     BachMann Communications port
3000              Out     BachMann Broadcast Port

Online Manager, Ascent Watcher and Ascent OPC
These applications will required the same ports as Ascent

** Changing the vbOnline port

In certain circumstances it may be desirable to change the network port from its default of 10001 - for example, to get through a firewall. The port number can have a value between 1 and 65535, but bear in mind that ports below 1024 are reserved for standard internet services (web, mail, etc) so choose the number with care.

The number needs to be changed in 2 places: in the vbOnline unit itself, and in the vbOnline Ascent configuration:

To change to setting via the web interface:

• Use your web browser to browse to the vbOnline IP address. The Device Server window will open.
• Click on the ‘Connection' link on the upper left-hand purple menu. You will see a screen like this:

• Enter the desired port number in the 'Local Port' field indicated.
• Click the ‘OK' button at the bottom of the screen, then click the ‘Apply Settings' tab on the left-hand purple menu. A message will state that the unit is rebooting.

Alternatively, to set the port number via telnet:

• Using your telnet application, open a connection to the IP address of your vbOnline on port 9999 (e.g. from command line, "telnet 9999")
• Press the Enter key on your keyboard to enter setup mode.
• From the menu, select '<1> Channel 1'.
• Press Enter until you see the query "Port No: (10001)".
• Enter the desired port number.
• Press Enter repeatedly until you are returned to the ‘Change Setup' menu.
• Select '<9> Save and exit'. The connection will close.

Set the port number in the vbOnline configuration in Ascent

• In the VB Device Properties dialog, enter the desired port number into the indicated field and press 'OK'

You should now be able to communicate with the vbOnline using the new port number.