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Apply Different Rotational Speeds across Machine


Various shafts in a machine may be rotating at different speeds due to gearboxes or pulley drives etc. Within the software you can adjust the RPM value of recordings taken at different points by applying a point-level RPM multiplier. The software will multiply the actual machine speed by your RPM Multiplier value to calculate the shaft speed at each point.

1. First edit the point definition. Right-click a point and select Edit.
2. Enter an RPM Multiplier value and click OK. This value defines how much faster/slower the shaft is turning at this point compared to the machine speed. (The diameter field can be left blank as it is only used on linear speed machines, e.g. paper mills.)
3. Repeat this process from step 1 to change the rotational speed at additional points. Once you have defined the RPM Multiplier at each point you can update the RPM values on all recent recordings on an entire machine.
4. Right-click a machine and select Set RPM.
5. Enter the running speed of the machine then tick 'Apply RPM to Multiplier at each Point'.
6. Apply the RPM value by choosing options in the Set RPM editor then click OK. Each option is explained in detail in Setting RPMs for Multiple Recordings.