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Increase Battery Life and Reduce Charging Problems


My battery seems to charge for a very long time and/or becomes hot during charging. How can I prevent this and make the most of my battery life?


Our vbClassic battery packs contain high capacity NiCad batteries which have a very long life of at least 1000 charge/discharge cycles. However, they must be maintained properly to retain their performance.

This includes periodic discharging to reduce the NiCad's memory effect. The discharging should be done approximately monthly, and is very easy to do.

When the instrument next needs a recharge, plug in the charger, go to the Battery Management Charger Control screen and select Recondition Battery (from the Main Menu press [7] then [1] then [2]).

Discharging is indicated by the flashing 'DISCHARGING' message on the screen. The vb instrument will automatically begin recharging once the battery is fully discharged.

If batteries are charged very frequently, without ever discharging, the battery charging algorithm can become confused about the battery condition, and continue charging a full battery. The battery then becomes warm. To prevent this, recondition the battery as described above.

See the Battery Management section of your Instrument Reference Guide for more details.