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Number of Bearings in Bearing Expert



How many bearings are there in The Bearing Expert?


1.2 million bearings, 58,909 bearing frequencies.


(From ISI)

'The objective at ISI is for TBE to cover 95% of bearings in use while keeping the database workable. The Bearing Expert is based upon bearing size ( ID, OD, Width, Base to center Height, Bolt holes, and Shaft). The 16 bit version of TBE had 83,000 bearing sizes and 28,000 tapered roller bearing sizes for a total of 121,000 sizes. We also have 90 of the most popular manufacturers currently represented in the database. For any particular bearing you can have anywhere from 10-52 manufacturers (ie. ball bearings - 52, pillow blocks - 45, agricultural bearings - 10). If we look at just the lowest common denominator of 10 manufacturers for any particular size bearing you will see we easily represent 1.2 million bearings (121,000 x 10mfg.) In this simple explanation, we do not account for any of the permutations on any size bearing (seals, shields, snap rings, etc.). For the 6204 bearing you sited, Fafnir has 27 permutations, FAG has 12 permutations, and MRC has 20 permutations of that size bearing. The Bearing Expert greatly exceeds the 1.2 million bearings stated when you account for all the permutations for each manufacturer'.

To address the vibration figures...

The Bearing Expert has 58,909 base bearing frequencies. This figure is not the total number of records as this is a relational database made up of rows, columns, and tables that interrelate. These frequencies are the same for many of the permutations of any given size bearing. The number of permutations conservatively averages out to 4 per size easily placing us in the 200,000 vibration range. The number of permutations on the 6204 Fafnir as stated is 27 much higher than our conservative average of 4. This is true for a large number of bearings in the database making our 200,000 bearing frequency statement much lower than actual figures.(We have also added in the specials for Fafnir for a total of 239 vibrations for just this manufacturer and size.) Again ISI has been conservative in our reporting of the actual number of vibrations in the database.