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How often should the vb and Accelerometers be Calibrated?



How often should I have my vb instrument and its accelerometers calibrated and how do I go about it?


Commtest vb instruments have very stable hardware and software. However, we recommend yearly performance checks for the instruments and a full calibration during the final year of warranty. This verification check is not covered under your warranty and is a chargeable service. However, in the unlikely event that re-calibration is required, and the standard warranty conditions are met, the cost of the re-calibration will be covered under warranty.

Depending on your business processes, you might need to run performance checks at more regular intervals. These checks can be performed by an appropriate service near you. Alternatively you can send your instrument to GE Measurement & Control, Christchurch.

In practice, the requirements of your customers or your certification board will typically specify a more frequent verification of the calibration. You can check the current calibration status of your instrument by following the procedure outlined here.

We strongly recommend checking the calibration of any damaged instrument before taking further measurements. If a calibration problem is suspected, the instrument must be sent to Commtest for inspection and re-calibration. Re-calibration can only by performed by an authorized Commtest repair facility.