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Upgrade Dongle in Ascent 2008 and Later


How do I migrate my older Ascent hardware dongles to the new Ascent 2008 (and later) and gain access to the new Ascent features?


Open Ascent 2008 (or later) with the current 2007 (or earlier) dongle connected.

Option 1: Continue

Press 'Continue' if you wish to continue using your hardware dongle. Several new features in Ascent require a software license to operate. These will not be available to you if you continue to use the dongle licensing method.

Option 2: Request License

Press 'Request License' to request your license from Commtest. Note that your Organization requires only a single Commtest License Key. You do not need to request a CLK per hardware dongle. Wait for the Commtest License Support e-mail reply. Once you have received your license key, restart the Ascent software and choose the 'Transfer License' option.

Option 3: Transfer License

Press 'Transfer License' to change your dongle license to a software license using the license key (CLK) issued by Commtest. This process will erase your dongle.

We recommend performing the request/transfer process for every dongle you own. You can use a single instance of the Ascent software to upgrade all hardware dongles owned by yourself or your company.

NOTE: Store the Commtest License Key securely for future reference.