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Recharge vbClassic

We recommend you fully charge the instrument before first use using the instructions below.

  • With the instrument turned off, plug the power transformer into a standard power outlet and the connector to the instrument's charger socket.

    If the battery charge level is lower than 80% the battery will begin charging automatically.

Charging stops automatically when complete. A full charging cycle (from zero charge) takes approximately two and a half hours.

If the Battery does not Begin Charging Automatically

If the vb instrument does not begin charging this could be because the battery is already sufficiently charged (80% or more). If this is not the case you will need to manually begin the charge cycle.

  • Press [1] to display the Charger Control Menu.
  • Press [1] to begin charging. A flashing 'CHARGING' message will be displayed.

If there is no power coming from the power transformer a flashing 'NO CHARGER' message will display. If this happens check that the mains power is turned on and the battery adaptor is connected properly.