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Export Ascent/MASData to External Programs

Exporting a Chart or Report

• Display the chart or report that you want to export.
• Right-click the chart/report and select Copy to Clipboard.
• Paste the chart or report into your Word document or whatever other application that you may be using (use CTRL+V to paste into Word).

Transferring the Data Values to an External Program as Plain Text

The data values can be exported or pasted into an external program, such as Microsoft® Excel or Access, in plain text format.

• Highlight the recording in the navigator by left-clicking once on the recording.
• Right-click the recording and select Copy as Text.
• Paste the text values into the external program.

You can view the spectrum data as plain text values at any time by following these instructions:

• Select the measurement in the navigator list and edit it by right-clicking the measurement and selecting Edit.
• In the Measurement Even editor window, double click the icon in the Spectrum or Waveform area (whichever is applicable). This will open the window shown below.
• Select either the Details or Spectrum Data tab.

You will see in the above example there is also an option to copy the values to the clipboard (computer memory) so you can paste the values into other programs from this window.