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Import Database from another Vendor to Ascent


Can Ascent import my data from another vibration analysis software database?


Database imports into an Ascent database can be performed by Commtest, but there are several points to consider when making this important decision.

  1. The import process is manual and requires the efforts of a highly-skilled software engineer; therefore, this work is performed at a cost per MB of data.
  2. Commtest can import many (but not all) competitor's databases, depending on the version of Ascent software you are using. Please discuss your specific needs with your Commtest sales team.
  3. When a database import is performed, only your recordings are imported. Routes, machine setups, parameter sets, alarm bands, images, notes etc. are not imported and must be re-entered manually.
  4. In the final evaluation, you will be trying to compare recordings taken with dissimilar instruments with differing sensitivity, dynamic range, lines of resolution, alarm bands etc. Customer feedback indicates that after import, historical data is rarely, if ever, accessed. You should seriously question the financial ROI from converting historical data recorded by dissimilar products.
  5. Generally, the first time a person sets up database structures and routes, and begins building and growing a vibration analysis program, this is done from the perspective of a novice; the VA program just grows and gets added to over time. Conversely, when a person is building the database structure and routes from the ground up for the second time, this is done with enhanced knowledge and experience of the lessons learned over years, and the results are almost always superior to the original program.
  6. When switching to a new product line, you will almost always see opportunities for improvement, to 'do it right this time'. Not only will you have the advantage of experience, but you will be armed with modern software and the ability to use longer text strings and so forth, to set up the machines, databases, alarm sets, asset numbers, and routes in a much more comprehensive manner.

In summary, Commtest strongly suggests that a parallel system be run for a period of time and used as 'reference' data, as within a very few months of switching over the value of the old data diminishes very rapidly.