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MMS/Profiler Data Logger Memory Error



When I turn on my MMS6000 Profiler instrument or MMS3000 data logger it says MEM ERROR [XXXXX] at the bottom of the screen and won't take new recordings, nor download the existing ones to MAS. What has happened and what should I do?


This error indicates that the internal memory in the MMS/Profiler instrument has been corrupted somehow. There are a few ways that this can happen, such as the battery going dead during a recording, or possibly an ESD spike transferred through the sensor cable to the instrument.

  1. In some cases it is possible to send the data to MAS, so you should definitely try this first.
  2. Next, begin erasing the most recent recordings one by one until the memory error disappears. Turn the instrument OFF then ON after each deletion. Once the corrupted recording is gone and the memory error cleared, the instrument will begin behaving as normal.

In some cases it is necessary to go to the Memory Management screen (or File menu) and use the 'Erase all recordings' option.