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Unable to Delete Items from Navigator


When I try to delete items from the navigator I see an ISC error message:


'A Foreign Key constant has been violated. This may be due to work another user is doing. Click Refresh and try again.'


'Index unexpectedly deleted.'


The database has become locked. This could be due to the software not closing correctly or a deletion that has not fully processed.


  1. If you are connecting to the database in a multi-user environment click Refresh on the Ascent toolbar to update the database and clear the deadlock. (More information on this can be found in the Ascent Software Reference Guide, Managing Multi-user Access.)
  2. If you are the sole user then performing a database backup and restore should clear this condition.
    • From the main menu select File>Database>Backup Now!
    • When the backup is complete restore the database. Select File>Database Restore and use the backup file you created in the previous step to ensure that all your latest work is included. (Restoring from an earlier backup will not include your latest data uploads and other changes to the database.)