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Which Battery Charger Should I Use?



Two AC adapters/chargers have been made available for vbSeries instruments. The currently available 'Universal' power adapter (ADA70227) is rated at 12 Volt DC, 3 Amp output, but the AC adapter that came with older instruments is rated at 13.5 Volt DC, 1 Amp output. Which model should I use?


Both vbX and vbX000 instruments are compatible with either 12 Volt or 13.5 Volt outputs. However, the high capacity batteries used in the newer vbX instruments require the 3 Amp output of the newer 'Universal' AC adapter model.Older instruments such as the vb3000 and Profiler are fully compatible with both the older 13.5 Volt DC, 1 Amp power adapter and the newer 12 Volt DC, 3 Amp 'Universal' model. These instruments draw only the current they require (1 Amp) from the 3 Amp adapter. The 12 Volt DC, 3 Amp power adapter, as its name implies, is compatible with all vbX000, vbX and vbOnline devices.Newer vbX devices, such as the vb8 and vbBalancer instruments, use a higher capacity battery and include a 'fast charge' feature. Both require the newer charger's 3 Amp capability to function effectively. The older 13.5 Volt DC, 1 Amp chargers should NOT be used with vbX instruments as the charger may overheat; the vbX battery will also not fully charge.

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12 VDC, 3 Amp

13.5 VDC, 1 Amp