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provide professional services in the diagnosis and monitoring system with the totality of the machines and realialibility data



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  • Compact and lightweight precision vibrometer for measuring vibrations of rotating and reciprocating machines, etc.
  • Applications include measurements of acceleration, velocity and displacement, MINI-VIBRO is most suitable for measuring very small vibrations.
  • Built-in frequency analayzing filter allows frequency analysis in a simple manner.
  • Velocity measuring function is conformed to JIS B0907(ISO2954)"Standard for Vibration Severity Measuring Instrument".
  • Vibration pickup can be hand-held or fixed with screws(M10)
  • Analog indication makes reading of fluctuating vibrations easier.
  • Recording output for recorder, oscilloscope, FFT analyzer, etc.
  • Pickup can be hand-held or fixing with a screw(M10).
  • Optional magent(MG-2)available for ease of fixing Pick up.
  • Power supply(dry cell 006P)assures continuous measurement for 24 hours.

Mini-vibro   MODEL-1022A   1pc   Dry cell   006P(9V)   1pc
Electro ynamic pickup   MODEL-2008   1pc   Carrying case       1pc
Contact probe       1pc   Instruction manual       1copy
Pickup cable 1m   CA2411-1   1pc   Magnet holder   MG-2   option
Output cable 1m   CA1311-1   1pc            


Measurement full scale range (10 dB step,5 ranges)
a)Acceleration range 0.3,1,3,10,30m/s2PEAK
b)Velocity range 1.3,10,30,100mm/sRMS
c)Displacement range 10,30,100,300,1000μmp-p
Rectifier True RMS
Indication Acceleration…EQ Peak Velocity…True RMS Displacement…EQ P-P
Frepuency range 10-1000Hz
Analysis filter 10-1000Hz Q=10
Accuracy Within 3% on the amplitude
measurement of sinusoidal wave 80Hz 10mm/sRMS
AC Output ±1V/F.S
DC Output(option) +1V/F.S
Temperature range Operation 0°C-50°C

Warehouse -20°C-+70°C
Power supply Dry cell 006P(9V) ‚Ppc
16 hours or more continuous operation
Dimensions, weight Mini Vibro W85×H190×D55mm 700g
Pickup H72×D30mm 140g
Contact pin L55mm 20g
Magnet holder H30×D40mm 260g