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  • This amplifier system is used to input vibrating acceleration and sound noise into a data recorder using a piezoelectric accelerometer and a condenser microphone.

  • Designed for multi-channel vibration/sound level measurement.


Amp Unit MODEL-4409-01 7pc
Power Supply MODEL-4409-12 1pc
Channel Case MODEL-4409-2* 1pc
Instruction manual   1copy



¦ Applicable sensor    
Condenser Microphone    
PU SENS: ×0.1Range   1.00-9.99mVrms/Pa(=0.1-1mVrms/μbar)
  ×1 Range   10.0-99.9mVrms/Pa(=1-10mVrms/μbar)
Piezoelectric Type Accelerometer
PU SENS: ×0.1Range   1.00-9.99pC/UNIT maximum output 1000pC
  ×1 Range   10.0-99.9pC/UNIT maximum output 10,000pC
  ×10 Range   100-999pC/UNIT maximum output 100,000p
¦ Sound Level Measurement    
  Measurement Range   50dBsL-130dBsL
    (Case; PUSENS:×0.1… 70dBsL-130dBsL)
  Full Scale Range   -40dB-0dB-+40dB、10dB Step 0dB=90dBsL
  Frequency Response   "LIN":2Hz-20kHz(±1dB)
    "A" Weighting :Conformance with JIS or IEC
¦ Vibration Measurement    
  Measurement Range   0.01UNIT-100UNIT FS
    (Case; PUSENS:×0.1…0.1-100UNIT FS)
  Full Scale Range   -40dB-0dB-+40dB、10dB Step 0dB=1G
  Frequency Response   2Hz-20kHz(±1dB)
  Output   BNC Connector ±1V Full Scale Impedance 10kΩ min
  Over Load Indicator   Lit when the output voltage exceeding 1.4Vrms or
exceeding the linear sphere.
  Level Meter   Analog meter for Monitor output level, Max hold
  Cal signal   300 Hz±1%, sinusoidal wave, Output level Variable
  Temperature, Humidity   0-50°C、90%RH max
  Power Supply   12V DC(10V-15V), 2.5Atyp. 4Amax.
  Size Weight   In case of 7CH Type

325(W)×221.5(H)×302(D)mm 11.5kg

    In case of 12CH Type
    500(W)×221.5(H)×302(D)mm 17.5kg