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VIBROSWITCH MODEL-1500EX Vibration Monitoring For Explosive Atmospheres

  • Can be used in a hazardous area where explosive gases or the like are in existence.
  • Vibration modes for acceleration, velocity and displacement can be select with internal switch.
  • The housing is of pressure and explosion-proof construction.
  • The sensor is combined with the amplifier via a flexible wire conduit.
  • Alarm level setting at a step of 1% from 1 to 99% with internal digital switch.
  • Two different alarming steps, one for self-holding operation and the other for automatic resetting operation are provided.
  • Alarm delay of up to 60 seconds can be set to prevent an incorrect action.
  • Usable for vibration monitoring in motors, fans, piping, large-sized cranes, etc.


Alarm setting range 1. Acceleration1-99m/s2(Peak)
(Select 1 , 2 or 3) 2. Velocity1-99mm/s(Peak)

3. Displacement0.01-0.99mm(P-P)
Frequency range 10-2000Hz(±10%)
Accuracy Within 5% (at 25°C,80Hz,10m/s2 measurement of sinusoidal wave )
Linearity Within 1% of full scale
Driving power supply AC or DC100-220V(less than 10VA)
Relay operation

Delay 0 to 60 sec variable Self-holding operation and automatic resetting operation , make contact by solid state relay.
(Resetting by turning off driving power supply)
Contact rating AC/DC 125V,0.5A

Housing construction

The pressure and explosion-proof construction Ex dII BT6
(Certificate No.C12041)

Vibration resistance

Sensor:10G for vibration, 100G for shock
Amplifier:2G for vibration, 30G for shock

Dielectric strength Operation 0°C-50°C

Warehouse -20°C-+70°C